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This website is filled with helpful articles to support you during your food journey. If you are wondering what snacks a dietitian likes to eat or the most beneficial fruits, you can turn to this website knowing you are getting fact-based information straight from the experts. Healthy eating can be intimidating, but it does not need to be hard! Using evidence-based resources like can help guide you in the right direction for reaching your health goals.

With all the different diet suggestions out there, it seems impossible to know who is trying to make money off the latest trends and which recommendations are truly helpful. If we have learned anything in the past year, it is that science is tricky because it is always changing. So, how do we keep up with all these diet changes and news around nutrition? By asking the experts in the field!

It is the job of a licensed nutritionist to keep up with the science and to educate the public on which recommendations have the evidence to back it up.

Using the website, users can find articles on the latest nutrition recommendations written by licensed nutritionists.

These articles are not only written by the experts, but use evidence-based sources with citations for reference. This guarantees you are getting accurate scientific information, not an opinion or unfounded claim.